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Getting Into YouTube Again

Hey everyone! 😀 I have been thinking a lot lately about my YouTube channel. Specifically about how much I miss making and uploading videos. I feel like it has been so long since I last uploaded some real content! It’s mainly because of my work that I do not make much content these days, but I […]

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ESO Updates //Personal

Hi all! Wow I haven’t updated this site in a long time! Been super busy but I really miss blogging. So in video game news, I am still playing Elder Scrolls Online. Yeah, can you believe it? Especially with the way the game annoys the heck out of me a lot of times. In spite […]

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Channel State Update//200 Subscribers!

Hi all, hope you are well :). I just wanted to write a post about the current state of my YouTube channel. If for some reason you check my channel every so often, you may notice that I do not upload much these days. I wish I could upload everyday, really I do, but I […]

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Current ESO feels

I don’t know what Zenimax has done to the game, but performance has changed. And I mean that in a bad way. I know performance issues have been plaguing this game pretty much since it released, but for game performance to get worse and worse after each update is completely mind-boggling to me.

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My Imperial City/Update 2.1 Review – Part 1

After playing the Imperial City update since it was released on the PC megaserver on August 31st, I realized I haven’t done a proper review of it. I’ve given a few mentions of my thoughts in a few of my ESO videos, but not a complete review, and so I am doing so now. Because this post […]

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Templar Build – Heals/Off-DPS (Magicka) (PVP/PVE)

Overview Welcome to a guide focusing on a magicka Templar! This guide is based entirely on my Templar that I have been playing and really having fun with recently. While my Templar is primarily a healer, I can also provide some DPS. This build is built with small to large group play in mind, but […]

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